Being a maniac over magic and stuff, I have always admired each and everything related to it or themed on it, actually I was raised with the foster parents and they had this relative, of whom I used to call Uncle Sam. He was very much in to these magical tricks, which he used to show me and amaze me with them. It influenced me a lot and made me think of being a great magician like some of them from the past history.

Actually the Hungarian magician and escape artist Houdini has been one of my favorite magicians ever, whose tricks I have always tried to do since I used to be a kid. I also watched d a movie made on the life of him and few days I came to know that the one of the best maker of pokies has launched a slot themed on the magician Houdini. Although I am not very fond of gambling but still I decided to give it a try just because of the theme of it.

When I decided to play it, I thought of having the privilege to check some reviews and rating of the game so I went online and started looking on the forums to get some genuine info about the slot and I came to know that the reviews were quite decent and the ratings were also fine given by the players.

Since it is a magician game so the makers have made the full justice by making the animation so powerful and nice, which really gave you the thrill of watching the live magic show? I played the game with the free spins at first and then went for the real money and there is nothing better option than PayPal to but the credits.