Monkey king: The Powerful Slot Machine

Few days back my kid was watching this movie called monkey kingdom, although I have seen the trailer earlier but couldn’t manage to see the full movie. The movie is based on Chinese mythology in which the monkey king is a supreme creature that goes to a journey to the west with his pals and that’s where their adventure begins.

When I started to watch the movie with him, I kind of liked and later night I was looking for a new slot game to play as I am fond of gambling, the same movie came in to my mind and I thought of looking for a game based on the same theme and fortunately I got one with the same them and the best thing was it was powered by microgaming, which is one of the best makers of slots. Which made me little eager to play it. But before playing it I preferred of reading some reviews and ratings of it and I conquered that it’s a nice game and has been adored by players all over.

I somehow managed to arrange some free spins so that I can make free trial of the game in order to get little savvy about the game before investing my money into it. And once I get familiar with the pay table and the payout system of the game I decided to play it with the real money and to buy the credits I used the PayPal gateway for secure payments. And once I started playing with the real money I was little unfortunate but as the time went by I began to win and eventually made enough money to get the booze and a nice dinner in the nice restaurant with my son. Over all it was a nice experience and I would love to play it again if got the chance.

Intercasino: One Of The Favorite Spot Of Players.

If you going to ask me that what is the best place to play online pokie machines, then it not like that I got many names in my mind, actually just two or three are the ones that really comes to mind and one of them is intercasino and today I am going to talk about it only.

So, it was few days back, when I couldn’t control the urge to gamble decided to play for some time with the free spins and since I haven’t played for over six month because of my last year exam, so decided to check this new platform called intercasino. Before this I used to play on some other orthodox casino.

When I went online to dig about it then I came to know that it really have won the hearts of many players including some of my friend that used to play with me. And after that I was hardly coping with the excitement to play at it, when I got to the homepage of the portal there I saw the entire top rated slot highlighted along with the free spins. I like this very much, because the beginners want to take the free trial first before putting the money on to it and that’s exactly what this casino was offering.

There are some other tempting feature that has made it one of the most loved online casino and those features include no download, no deposit, no registration and free download of the games that player want to play on the local device and along with the I can also play instantly by downloading the app and the best part they have their app fully customized for the android and the iPhone players and how can I forget the bonus feature, those are things that has made it so popular among player and one of my favorite too and I love coming back to it every time I need to freshen up. And I don’t think I am going to switch on another any time soon.

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