Argyle Open Casino GameArgyle is a location in Scotland that is well known for its golf courses. This game takes up the theme of the location to produce a golf casino slot game. The golfers available in the game are known as Wayne Philips, Mark Winston, and Kevin Andrews. They can be seen as the main symbols of the game engaging in golfing activities. This game has four sections of symbols on each real and it’s also a 40 pay line slot game. More so, the players can place wagers on as many as ten coins per pay line. In fact, these provide better flexibility when it comes to betting. Nevertheless, the maximum betting level is limited by the selections available with the coin size. To specific, the coins can be used in amounts that average at 0.01, 0.03 and 0.06 as well. As a result, the maximum line bet is 0.50 and total bet spin averages at 20.

Argyle Open Casino GameThe ball symbol can be used to activate the bonus section when any of the unique characters appear on any section of the reels. The bonus round is known as the Tournament Bonus and it used to complete the hole well over three gaming stages. The additional round is activated for the first time the player is presented on Stage 1, which is also referred to as the tee off stage. The distance of your tee off plays a major role in your bonus amount won. This amount is randomly allocated and controlled. After the first stage, the players are taken to the main game menu and the bonus round is activated, and the players can graduate to stage 2. Furthermore, in the second stage, the range the ball is hit down the fairway will attract a large bonus payout. The third stage introduces players to a green golfing platform and hitting the ball closer to the hole will attract more free spins.

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